Sweet 16 Part 1: How I Broke My Virginity At Age 16

It was at night and I lied to my mum I was going to see my female friend who was just two houses after mine but I was at the park with my boyfriend 8miles away from home and we were both 16 but he knew so much about s$x cuz he had elder brothers and knew so much.

We sat outside in the dark by the park and he asked me if I was ready.

I was then in the Junior High School(JHS) and a tomboy, a name given to girls that like to do boys stuff.

I played ball with the guys and an athlete in school but my best friend was a girl.

Didnt know what liking a guy was or even cared about it.

I was just moving around the school and didn’t even care how I looked to school.

Until a guy I disliked for no reason, just felt he was so full of himself., oh my! What was I feeling for him now and why was I getting shy of him but at the same time want to see him.


All this started in the name of a dare at a funfair.

My friends just dared me to kiss this guy I don’t even like, how am I even suppose to kiss him, It happened anyways.

Didn’t think much about it till I got home and couldn’t sleep.

His thoughts kept running through my mind.

He actually liked me when I disliked him.

Oh yes, he likes me too. I was skinny, with my flat tummy and pretty I guess.

I was counted as one of the girls people admired in school.

Girls admired him with his friends.

He was a shark(intelligent) and the best at basketball.

He was one smart guy. We started to date and call each other partners .

He asked me about s$x but I didn’t think I was ready.

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He said why and I thought what if something bad happens, I told him I want to be 23 before I break my virginity but he asked why don’t we pretend to be 23 now.

I laughed and still have in.

I asked him at this location, he said why not and I was adventurous so I was like cool.

People hardly passed where we were sitting and I was ready to be 23.

So I asked how we were going to do that then someone was passing so he said wait !!!!!

TO BE CONTINUED!!!!. did we become 23?


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