I am married but living single, I feel caged

A young woman married for four years has shared her story of how she is suffering in her marriage and is seeking for advice.

Narrating her story, she divulged how irresponsible and uncaring her husband has become right after honeymoon.

According to her, she feeds, cloth and provides everything for herself even though she’s still living in her matrimonial home.

The worried wife also stated she has never cheated in her marriage but she has been infected with all sorts of STDs by her husband who likes anything in skirt.

Read her sad story below and don’t forget to leave a comment

Hi BOM, my story is soo long but will make it as short as possible. Been married for a about four (4) years now and i can categorically say i have been happy maybe for just a month.

During last year Valentine’s Day, my hubby was with a certain girl for like a whole week, this year same thing, he left early in the morning and didn’t get back till 1am this morning, no call, no text, no gift.

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He has blocked me on all social media networks since last year October, except on WhatsApp which he sometimes blocks me there as well.

I feed myself, cloth myself, and basically do everything myself but he goes outside spending for girls, taking them to expensive restaurants while I am left to suffer.

I have knelt before him several times crying for hours asking him if i have offended him but he says i have done nothing, when i go out he won’t call at all till I get home, he is not bothered about my well being at all, he uses aweful words at me, he says that i should pack my load and leave his house.

I am married but living single, i feel caged, i need to feel loved, i have shown him love in every area one can think of, i have never ever cheated on him. At this point i have done everything possible to make it work but it seems I am forcing him, i want to take a walk and move on with my life, i don’t have kids with him yet and he gives me all sorts of STDs, now we hardly even have sekz at most 3/4 times a month.

I cannot write it all because if I do, you people will curse me for still being in the soo called marriage but i was only trying to make my marriage work despite all d sufferings.

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But now i have to take a decision please am i taking it too far?

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