Four Things About Eggs, You Should Stop Believing

Eggs are rich sources of protein that billions of people the world over add to their meals daily, but this has not made it immune to a number of myths. Here are five things you should stop believing about them.

Egg whites are very high in protein
Egg whites are known for being high-protein, low-calorie, but if you’re removing the yolk for the sake of the protein load, you’re missing out. A white has 15 calories. Keep the yolk, and not only will you get fat and health-boosting nutrients, but you’ll also increase the protein content of your breakfast.

People with high cholesterol shouldn’t eat eggs
For years, doctors have advised patients at risk for heart disease that they should avoid high-cholesterol foods—and with 211 milligrams of cholesterol , eggs were kept on the list of foods they should avoid. But now, science is changing.

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Recent studies have shown that high-cholesterol foods like eggs don’t actually affect blood levels of cholesterol very much. Eating four or five of them a week should still be safe for anyone at risk for heart disease, she says.

Egg whites are healthier than whole eggs
An egg white has just 17 calories—a sliver of those in a 72-calorie whole egg—and no fat. But there’s a bit more to it. For one thing, the fats in a yolk are actually good for a balanced breakfast.

Fat keeps you much more satisfied. If you miss out on the yolk, you might be unsatisfied. More so, egg whites don’t have much going for them nutritionally except for protein, but the yolk packs in nutrients like vitamin B12, vitamin D and choline.

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Brown eggs are healthier than white
Brown eggs are no better than their white counterparts. Never use their colour as an indicator or reference for its nutrient quality. The colour difference doesn’t have to do with nutrient quality but genes. White chickens usually lay white ones, and red or brown chickens lay brown ones.

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