Five Egg Storage Myths You Should Stop Believing

There are various myths surrounding hens, fowls and the eggs they lay, but when it comes to storage of eggs, there are some myths you just shouldn’t believe.

You should always use or toss eggs by the sell-by date
As long as you keep your eggs cold in the back of the fridge, you can probably get away with keeping them past the sell-by date, which will probably stay as long as a month after you buy the carton. Provided the eggs are not cracked and they stay in the refrigerator, they’re not going to pose a safety risk after those four to six weeks.

To test their quality, drop the egg into a glass of water. If it sinks to the bottom, it’s still good, but if air pockets have expanded and it isn’t fresh, it will float to the top.

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You can’t freeze chicken eggs
If your eggs are close to their expiry date and you can’t eat them anytime soon, you don’t need to trash them. Popping shelled eggs straight in the freezer won’t work because they’ll expand and break, but there is a way to extend their lifetime.

Crack and lightly beat the eggs, then pour them into ice cube trays or another freezer-safe container. Defrost them when you’re ready to get cooking. There’s no food safety issue with that, as long as you’re cautious with exposure.

Hormone-free eggs are better for clean eating
It’s not that you need to avoid hormone-free eggs, but you should understand that the label is nothing more than a marketing trick. Whether the label says so or not, “all eggs are not going to have hormones.

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A label that says Antibiotic-free has a more significant impact, because some chickens do receive antibiotics.

You should store eggs on the fridge door’s egg shelf
Unless you get to eat them quickly, the egg slots on your fridge door aren’t actually the ideal place for them. On the door, where it’s being opened and closed a lot, there are a lot of temperature shifts.

Storing them in the back of your refrigerator will hide it from those fluctuations, so your eggs will stay fresher longer.

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