Alternative Colours You Can Wear On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is here, and if you’ve got something planned, you will want to look absolutely fabulous! The usual trend is to wear something red, and that’s okay too. But, if you want to try alternative colours, we have the perfect colour inspo for you.

Red is such a bold colour that announces your presence in a room, whether you are hanging out with your girls, or going on a date with your significant other. But, there are other colours that can make you stand out, and send admiring glances your way.

1. Why not Black?

That is our answer to the question, “why wear black?”

Black is that one colour that you can trust to take you to any circle and set you apart. Being referred to as “the woman in black” certainly has a chic feel to it. You can opt for a black dress or an ensemble of black pants/ skirt and top.

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2. Pretty in Purple

In the world of fashion, purple is known as a royal colour, and you only need to see a purple outfit to know what they mean. In it’s several shade, purple is pretty, elegant and straight up stylish.

3. Yellow, like sunlight

Yellow is a daring colour, and this more often than not is the reason why a lot of ladies shy away from wearing a dominantly yellow outfit. But, girl, if you are daring enough to wear a dominantly yellow outfit, you will become the sun, and other people will be the sunflower that’s attracted to you (do you see what we did there? lol).

4. Something Blue

The colour blue. especially royal blue is such an understated colour that actually makes African skin pop! It speaks elegance, class and style for days! Break out that blue dress you have at the back of your wardrobe, or buy one and you can thank us later!

5. Smile, Blush

This shade of pink makes us think of champagne bubbles, bubble gum, sweet smelling perfumes and all things nice. It is not the pink anyone will call ‘childish’, and a little secret? It is about to become a must-have colour in the closet of any stylish lady. Spice up your valentine’s day outfit by wearing a blush dress, skirt, or top, and look like a sexy bag of money all day.

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