3 things you should never do while driving

Many people are fond of doing some things while driving which is risky and can actually make them cause an accident.

Focus on what you are doing and avoid other unnecessary things.

Here are the things you should avoid or stop doing while driving:

1.Using your smartphone

You can’t concentrate on several things at once, and like they always say, you can not hit two birds with one stone.

If you urgently need to use your smartphone, then stop the car and use it.

Using your phone while driving can make you lose control hence causing an accident.

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2.Drinking alcohol

This is one blunder you should never make while driving your car.

It is risky, and you know that. The danger that comes with drinking while driving is deadly.

3. Doing your make-up

Ladies be warned, don’t put on your make-up while driving.

This is very risky. You can easily get distracted and lose focus on what you were doing.


If you need to apply your lipstick or whatever makeup ladies use, just stop your car and do it, or wait until you get to your destination.

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